Coalition 2.0 B Leadership Excellence Award 2021-2022

In recognition of your commitment & dedication to unifying African descent communities in Washington State

Outgoing Board Member

Daniel Abuga; Treasurer

Thank you for serving on the board with your methodical way of thinking, spirit of teamwork, and skilled delegation.

Henry Garrett; Board President

Your outstanding work with shaping and reshaping the direction of WSCACL over the two years you have served has been a great example to follow.

Hanna Ashagre; Secretary

Thank you for your patience and ability to dealing with procedures with prompt and precise details to attention. Being a voice of reason within the coalition.

Eddie Nyasulu; Vice Chair

You have been a person of trust by giving informal feedback, honest advice and a fresh perspective on the board.

Living Legacies

Constance Proctor; Lawyer

Constance has been serving the community for over 30 years with work in nonprofit, corporate, and real estate law. She has served on many boards. Mrs. Proctor has supported many grassroots nonprofits in the African and African American community like WSCACL get their start and navigate the growth journey.

Judge Leroy McCullough

Judge LeRoy McCullough is the 2021 Judge of the Year and has provided 30 years of community and legal service. After attending a Board meeting, Judge McCullough has been a big supporter and continues to provide mentorship and community-based organization resources to WSCACL.

Maiekele Mengesha

Mr. Mengesha has hosted or been Keynote speaker for multiple WSCACL sponsored events always willing to provide investment advice and mentorship. Mr. Mengesha currently leads multiple Private African Investment Club that have delivered outstanding returns for investors

Charles Ceesay, Co-founder of NW Seattle Gambian Association

Mr. Ceesay always leading by example was the first person to get vaccinated and continues to play a pivotal role in setting WSCACL co-sponsored events with NW Seattle Gambian Association.

Priority Community Leaders

Nansare Consolata; Rising Star Award

Priority Community Leaders are leaders that run community member organizations with annual revenue less than $50,000 and serve a specific vulnerable community group.

Peter Kuel; Most Valuable Player Award

Emmanuel N. Muvunyi; Team player Award


Civic Engagement Committee

Wole Akinlosotu; Team Player Award

Joint Committee

Nigisti Hailemariam; Most Valuable Player Award

Economic Empowerment Committee

Adam Powers; Rising Star Award.

Youth Leadership Excellence Award

Brook Guesh; Team Player Award

Ezana Yassin; Rising Star Award

Sabrina Yassin; Most Valuable Player Award