About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide African descent community member organizations a platform to share resources, promote collaboration, and be an influential voice.

A Word from the Executive Director

Selam! Kodi! Bonjour! Mhoro! Jambo! Hello!
It has been an honor to meet, volunteer, and work with so many dedicated African descent community leaders, community members, youth, stakeholders, allies, and partners committed to preserving our rich culture & heritage, building community wealth, engaging civically, and maintaining/improving healthy communities over this past 18 months.
The exponential growth of our membership, quadrupling of our 2020 fundraising goal and committee activation; was made possible by the support and commitment of all Washington State Coalition of African Community Leaders’ (WSCACL or the Coalition) volunteers, member organizations, and the Board. The Coalition started its journey with a handful of African Leaders committed to working together to share information across our communities and better leverage scarce resources, while uniting as ONE voice. Our mission and membership has grown to include the entire African diaspora. We are very fortunate to have an active and dedicated multi-generational volunteer Board composed of diverse members of the African diaspora with backgrounds in marketing, website development, business ownership, public health, real estate development, finance, insurance, compliance, and non-profit governance that has met once a week for almost two years.
No matter our differences or the diversity of our communities, we should never forget the African Proverb, “Two spiders working together can take down a lion.” Creative Solutions to our common challenges will not come from City Hall, Olympia, or DC. Real change starts with us. We know the issues and we know the solutions that will work in our communities. Change only happens when the African diaspora UNITES and builds a better tomorrow as ONE.
Martha Foster (Lucas)
Proud Seattle Native, Bulldog, & Double Husky “Woof, Woof!”

Strategic Goals For 2020-2022

Civic Engagement

Economic Empowerment 


The Foundation of the Coalition are our committees, which are led by our African Descent Community Leaders. It is our Community Leaders that work directly with our community members in their nonprofit community organizations or businesses and are at the frontlines


Focus on African descent Arts and Cultural programs, engage and teach youth about African descent culture, and participate in social events to bring awareness to Washingtonians


We at WSCACL are committed to improving the lives of the African Diaspora by engaging and implementing the full meaning of Economic Empowerment, which we define as the process by which the economic well-being and quality of life of our communities, families, businesses, non-profits, and individuals are improved according to targeted goals and objectives.  As a Coalition of Community Leaders, our unity allows the sharing of some of our scarce resources, human and technology, to collaborate for our shared goals of racial and economic justice. During these most unprecedented multiple threats to our African descent communities, the time is NOW more than ever to build a culturally appropriate healthy village full of affordable housing, healthcare facilities, schools, and active civic engagement that address our multi-generational needs.  Join us as we put talk into measurable actions!


Provides detailed information to best navigate the US Healthcare system, conduct health assessment, participate in health board, etc.


In line with the coalition’s Civic Engagement strategic goal, VR will address the issues that affect civic participation by our communities. We will increase voter registration with the help from our community volunteers and any partners who align with our mission and are interested in a mutually beneficial relationship.


Works from the framework of the Coalition’s strategic goal of economic empowerment. There is a direct link between educational achievement and building generational wealth. The more educated the community, the healthier and wealthier the community. YFSE seeks to improve the whole health and wellness of our African descent community members, while supporting the achievement of more educational, internship, and training opportunities.

Board of Directors (Co-Chairs)

Khetiwe Chitewere was born in Nairobi, Kenya and grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is a leader in Security marketing at Microsoft Corporation. Khetiwe brings more than a decade of experience on boards focused on educating children in Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Pacific Northwest. She also brings her background as a Finance, Compliance, Governance and Marketing expert to the WSCACL Board.
Khetiwe Chitewere
Board Chair
Born and raised in Washington State......
Henry Garrett
Eddie was born in Malawi and has lived in the US for 20 years. He has a marketing degree from Bellevue College. He is an Operations Manager at Amazon. Early 2020, he started a digital marketing consulting company called Seattle Digital Adaptive helping small businesses and community organizations increase their online visibility. While not working, Eddie enjoys spending time with his two little kids and wife. His biggest goal is to help create a space where people of different backgrounds can truly express themselves. 
Eddie Nyasulu
An inspirational leader who sees the best in others and has a desire of empowering others to reach their full potential. He has served in many non profit organizations as a Chairman, Committee lead, Youth Leader, Treasurer and Board member. Also he has served the religious organizations as a lead and current an ordained Deacon. Some of the organizations he’s served include Mwanyagetinge, United Brethren Restoration, KCFA, WaKenya Wanorth and WICEA.ORG Daniel thrives in finding last solutions in existing problems and has a knack for details yet looking at a broader spectrum. He currently serves as the WASCACL TREASURER where he was instrumental in securing an Accounting system and streamlining Accounting policies and procedures. In his active life he’s a CEO and cofounder of Danclare Financial Solutions, a husband and father to 5 children. He has a strong belief in Building an Economically stronger African Community while creating wealth for the next Generation.
Daniel Abuga
Hanna joined Washington State Coalition of African Community Leaders (WSCACL) as Cochair. She supports the team of health, education, family support, and youth team through events, resources, and leadership. Hanna has a strong background in Health Education and Promotion. She received her BA in Health Studies from the University of Washington Bothell.
Hanna Ashagre