Any African descent community organization or group that is in Washington State whose recognized leaders are individuals also residing in Washington State.

Any individual who resides in Washington State and wants to positively impact the advancement of African descent communities, organizations, and groups in Washington State.


  • Opportunity to connect with all African descent communities
  • Free training and workshops
  • Becoming a member of any of the committees and participate in the decision makingĀ 
  • Access to resources and support from other organizations and skilled individuals (subject matter experts)
  • Opportunity to volunteer and make a positive impact
  • Special discounts to programs and events and MANY MORE

Membership Application Form

The mission of Washington State Coalition of African descent Community Leaders (WSCACL) is to support African descent community organizations in Washington State, by providing a platform where African descent community organizations can share resources and information to enable collaboration and be the voice for African descent communities in Washington State. We work together as a coalition to address and find possible solutions to all common issues affecting African descent communities and organizations in WA State. Some of the common issues center around Leadership, Education, Economic Empowerment, Health Care, Youth Empowerment, etc. We host quarterly coalition meetings, leadership training, workshops and group discussions addressing and finding solutions to issues affecting African descent communities and organizations.